You Do Not Lack Willpower! --

The Saving Experts Insult You When They Say You Do

ABC News 4 interview

They tell you that you cannot save money because you lack willpower. No! That's insulting. If you lacked willpower, you wouldn't be able to hold down a job or raise a family or keep in good shape or achieve any of the other successes you have achieved in life.

The reason why you find it hard to save is that you are trying to save for a saving goal (an old-age retirement) that is too distant and ordinary. Successful savers save to achieve financial freedom goals that can be achieved within five years and that relate to matters of intense personal concern. That's Passion Saving!

Please click the image to listen to Rob's seven-minute interview with ABC News on his exciting, unconventional saving ideas.


I Know More About Investing Than John Bogle

(and You Can Too)

Stock Return Predictor

John Bogle is a true genius. Still, I am eleven years of ahead of him in my knowledge of what it takes to become a successful investor.

My secret is that I gave up on Buy-and-Hold in the Summer of 2002. There's now 32 years of peer-reviewed academic research showing that Buy-and-Hold (staying at the same stock allocation at all times, regardless of how overpriced stocks become) can never work for a single, long-term investor.

Staying at the same stock allocation at all prices is failing to exercise price discipline when buying stocks. Your common sense tells you that that's a bad idea. Guess what? The research now backs up your common sense. The only problem is that the "experts" don't want you to know that they got it all very wrong for a very long time and cost you much of your retirement savings by doing so.

Clicking on the image will take you to The Stock-Return Predictor. The Predictor tells you how stocks will perform over the next 10 years.

This tool essentially tells you the price-tag on stocks at any given moment. You wouldn't think of buying a car without looking at the price tag. You'll spend a lot more over the course of a lifetime on stocks than you will on cars. Stop buying stocks without first checking out the price!

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How to Become the Most Hated Blogger on the Internet --

Tell the Truth About Stock Investing!

I am banned at 15 different investing web sites. There was a time when I was receiving fresh death threats in my e-mail in-box on a daily basis. Numerous experts have told me that my site is the first that they have seen that tells the full truth about stock investing but that they don't dare to say so out loud for fear of what will be done to their careers if they do so.

Buy-and-Holders hate me.

Because I say out loud what they suspect deep in their hearts about how stock investing really works. I don't tell them fairy tales. No for any amount of money. I tell them what the research really says. Nobody else does that.

We all have a Get Rich Quick urge within us. That's why the bull market got so out of hand. Now we are in the economic crisis that inevitably follows every out-of-control bull. If we came clean on its cause, we could bring the crisis to an end and enter the greatest period of economic growth in our history.

It would mean getting over our fear and our shame and our anger.

Please click on the image to view the five-minute video of my presentation to the 2013 Financial Bloggers Conference explaining why few dare tell the truth about stock investing today -- they know that the Buy-and-Hold Mafia will come after them if they do! The reality is that you MUST be willing to change your stock allocation in response to big valuation swings to have any realistic hope of achieving long-term investing success. Most of today's investing "experts" are experts in marketing and not much else.