Customer Reviews of the Secrets of Retiring Early Report

The Secrets of Retiring Early report, published at in June 2000, was an early exploration of the themes explored in greater depth in my book Passion Saving: The Path to Plentiful Free Time and Soul-Satisfying Work.

Secrets of Retiring Early -- Customer Reviews

Secrets of Retiring Early was was the #1 best-selling report in the history of the web site. It wasn’t an expensive publicity campaign that caused this report to sell 5,000 copies in less than six months. The report sold because of word-of-mouth advertising by middle-class workers like yourself. A few aspiring early retirees who knew of my writing on discussion boards bought the first few copies, and then wrote customer reviews encouraging later visitors to give the report a try.

Here is what the true experts–the middle-class workers who read this report to gain the freedom that comes with early retirement–said about Secrets of Retiring Early in customer reviews posted at the site. The names used (with the exceptions of John Greaney and Bill Sholar) are the screen-names that purchasers of the report used in posting their reviews at the site.

Secrets of Retiring Early Customer Review #1 — “Seminal”

“One of the seminal works on the subject.” — John Greaney, owner of the site

Secrets of Retiring Early Customer Review #2 — “I’ll Save My Copy to Reread Every Few Months”

“Don’t look here for a cookie-cutter approach. Hocus talks about the opportunities available when you change your outlook on work and life, not a “get rich quick” scheme. He provides equal parts of discussion about what might motivate us to seek early retirement (or financial independence), guidance on what financial and non-financial issues we need to think about, suggestions for where to find more information, and realistic examples showing how seemingly tough situations can be tamed….I’ll save my copy to reread every few months! “ — Bill Sholar, owner of the Early Retirement Forum

Secrets of Retiring Early Customer Review #3 — “Organized in Logical Blocks of Thought”

“When I got your report, I thought, “Now that is how a report should be.” Your report is utterly brilliant and aesthetically beautiful. The layout is orderly and the 10 chapters are organized in logical ‘blocks of thought.’ The content is both easy to read and thorough. The most appealing part of your report for people like me (30s, professional, educated, and starting to make $$$) is that we can apply your philosophy towards orienting ourselves to investing, that we don’t need to want to retire yet to be able to acquire substantial savings.” — Aekin

Secrets of Retiring Early Customer Review #4 — “Lots of New Information”

“I’ve had an interest in early retirement for 15 years but was pleased to find lots of new information and references in Rob’s report.”–maokeefe

Secrets of Retiring Early Customer Review #5 — “Caused Me To Undertake Some Introspection”

Early Retirees Tell Their Stories

“Bennett’s report caused me to undertake some introspection. Why don’t I, as he asks, take my financial life as seriously as my job?” — jimwarner

Secrets of Retiring Early Customer Review #6 — “Might Have Changed My Life”

“Much of what he said I knew already, because I’ve been considering retiring early for a long time. But what I didn’t know –wow!…. You might have changed my life.” — phantomdiver

Secrets of Retiring Early Customer Review #7 — “Fresh Perspective”

“This report offers a fresh perspective that is rarely found in other financial literature.”–BondBelle

Secrets of Retiring Early Customer Review #8 — “All That Has Changed”

“Retiring Early was a concept I did not entertain. I was going to retire at 65 after putting in 40 years. Now I am glad to say that all that has changed.”–TrueWizDumb”

Secrets of Retiring Early Customer Review #9 — “Thanks So Much”

“Thanks so much for sharing your experience and knowledge. I only wish this paper had been available when I began my research.” — Rosalita

Secrets of Retiring Early Customer Review #10 — “Very Well-Written”

“This report is very well written in terminology that anyone could understand. As I was reading, I was highlighting the good parts that I wanted to be able to quickly review in the future. Now my report is more orange than white!”–Draggon

Secrets of Retiring Early Customer Review #11 — “Down-to-Earth But Nevertheless Eye-Opening Insights”

“He offers down-to-earth but nevertheless eye-opening insights about the why and the how of early retirement.”–PatientRunner

Secrets of Retiring Early Customer Review #12 — “Like Magic Tricks”

“Sometimes your “secrets” look exactly like magic tricks: once revealed, they look so simple, yet you need somebody to show you how it works.”–kramerizio