The Retirement Risk Evaluator (15-Year Version)

This 15-year version of the Retirement Risk Evaluator is intended as an add-on tool for those seeking to examine the safety of a retirement portfolio over a 45-year time-period rather than a 30-year time-period. Some who retire early might be particularly in need of such a tool. Of course, the 15-year version could also be used by those who retire late enough in life that they want to determine the safety of a portfolio that only needs to survive for 15 years.

For background on the workings of this Retirement Planning Tool, please check the material that appears with the 30-year version of the calculator. The 30-year version appears when you click the “Risk Evaluator” tab to the left of this screen.

For a description of how to combine the two calculators, please read the article on this topic posted by John Walter Russell (co-developer of the calculator) at his Early-Retirement-Planning-Insights com web site.