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This section of the site provides articles on and excerpts from the book Passion Saving: The Path to Plentiful Free Time and Soul-Satisfying Work. It also provides information on how to order a copy of the book.

How to Place an Order for Passion Saving
The price of the book is $24, plus shipping. Payment may be made through use of the PayPal service or by writing a check.

The Money, Mission and Meaning Podcast on Passion Saving — Part One
Mark Michael Lewis said during his one-hour-long interview with Rob that: “I think you’ve accomplished something radical with your idea of Passion Saving. From my perspective, you’ve really created not just another ‘how to’ money book, where you show people how to invest, or a motivational book that just has people do the things they already know to do. You actually offer a whole new way of thinking about saving money that taps into our human psychology and desire. Now, I am going to have you highlight each of the key ideas in Passion Saving for my listeners so that they can have their minds blown like mine was.”

The Money, Mission and Meaning Podcast on Passion Saving — Part Two
Mark Michael Lewis said during his one-hour-long interview with Rob that: “It’s just amazing to me that in all of the years that I have been studying this, I have never heard this particular way of putting it and how much it opens up…. I was in the financial planning business…. I probably read 50 books on finance and money and saving and investing, and I can count the number of them on one hand for which I said, “well, there is something really new and important in here”, and your book is definitely in that category. I just want to thank you for that because that’s a gift to me.”

Radio Interview on the Passion Saving Concept

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This 15-minute interview with Rob (in five parts of three minutes each) was conducted by Maxine Frost and aired from October 7, 2001, through November 4, 2001, on the Sunday Morning Update program on Newsradio KEX in Portland, Oregon. It provides a good overview of the ideas explored in depth in the book.

Network Abundance Radio, Interview with Rob re the Passion Saving Approach to Money Management


Text of the Introduction
“Passion Saving is saving to enhance your enjoyment of life in the years that come before you turn 65 as well as in those that come after. It’s viewing saving as a means to “buy” the true luxuries of today–plentiful free time and soul-satisfying work. It’s the financing of a different sort of retirement, one you achieve in stages as you acquire over time an increasingly enhanced ability to call the hours of the day your own.”

Text of the Glossary
What’s a “Middle-Class Millionaire”? What’s Rob getting at when he refers to “Compounding in Reverse?” And just where does “Mr.Budget” fit into all this?

Customer Reviews of “Secrets of Retiring Early” Report
The Secrets of Retiring Early report, the #1 best-selling report in the history of, offered an early exploration of the themes explored in greater depth in my book. Read customer reviews by John Greaney (“One of the seminal works on the subject”), Bill Sholar (“I’ll save my copy to reread every few months”) and 10 other community members.

Can I Get a Witness?
Testimonials by early readers of the Community Discussion Edition of the book Passion Saving: The Path to Plentiful Free Time and Soul-Satisfying Work.

Review at Site
Juicy Excerpt:Passion Saving is the Diets Don’t Work of the financial world….Rob’s expertise both in training and life shine through every page. His voice of authority creates trust. Every detail, including the look and feel of the book, shows Rob’s respect for his information and his reader.

Review at Dollar Stretcher
Juicy Excerpt: I found Bennett’s style very enjoyable to read and his ideas intriguing. I even experienced my own ‘aha!’ moment while reading this book! You could say that “Passion Saving” is the “Your Money or Your Life” book for a new generation!

Review at
Juicy Excerpt: Each chapter comes with a new and powerfully explosive insight.

Norm Goldman Interview with Rob
Juicy Excerpt: If you start out by telling the people you are trying to persuade that they are dumb or that they lack willpower, you’ve lost them at the start line. That’s not the way to go. It’s your job as a money advisor to find out why people are doing things that seem dumb. That’s the job. Don’t blame the dogs if they cannot stand the smell of your dog food, you know? Try some different ingredients.

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